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"I believe it took a team of twenty five, working six months at a cost of 350,000, to come up with that new logo." "Okay sir, now give me that peak of the market look." "We shall fight on the shop floor. We shall fight on the Stock Exchange. We shall fight in the shareholders' meetings. We shall never be taken over." "I've got a board meeting in ten minutes and I can't find my hidden agenda!" "Before we start the coffees are 50p."
1925 1970 1987 1988 1188
"Does this mean the merger is off?" No caption. "Gentlemen - all our divisions have done well, except one." "Look here Hapgood, just because I've appointed you my successor, doesn't mean you have to follow me everywhere!" "Do you think we'd get the environmental people off our backs if we painted it green?"
1956 4039 4063 1938 1935                       
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