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"I have an announcement to make. Harry has decided to spend more time with his pension." "The deal has gone through but they are still arguing about the movie rights." "It's alright, Sir Charles. The decimal point was in the wrong place." "Is there a spin doctor in the house?" "I don't care how many millions it will cost - do it!"
3982 1998 4221 4284 4382
"My husband's company was bought out by Zork Corp, and then they merged with Global Group, and they were taken over by Mammon Industries, and I can't find him anywhere." "I say we should go with Plan 'A', sir." "That was taken on the day the FT went up 35 pts." "Me? Oh I'm the chairman, but please carry on telling me how you have to fiddle your expenses because of the pittance the company pays you." "A happy New Year to everybody except those who are bidding for us."
3906 1997 1994 4395 4399                       
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